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Your fitness activities as art

Let's celebrate your achievements

Spurtli turns your sports activities into beautiful and unique mementos showcasing your achievements.

Whether you've just run your first 5 km or even the whole marathon distance, Spurtli helps you to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Get your memento

Four easy steps to get your memento

  1. Allow Spurtli to access your STRAVA activities.
  2. Spurtli processes and normalizes your most recent fitness activities in no time.
  3. Start creating your mementos in our memento editor.
  4. Buy your memento as a digital copy or get it printed and delivered directly.

What our users think

"With Spurtli I was able to gain new motivation for my daily workout. It feels amazing to see how hard I trained throughout the year. I am hungry for more!"

Peter E.
Ottawa, Canada

Create your mementos, pay as you go


Create unlimited mementos

Spurtli is free to use. Sign up and create as many mementos as you like. Save them for later or get a low resolution image of your memento if you do not want to buy one right away.



Get your digital memento

Created a memento that you like? Get a full resolution digital copy of your desired memento and enjoy the freedom of choosing where to print it.

4,95 € / memento

free for now


Have your memento printed

Don't feel like heading to a copy shop? This is our care-free package and makes sure that you get your printed memento delivered home.

coming soon

Choose your own memento

We currently support 4 poster types that can be customized.

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